DVD+R is a write once format which means that the disc can be written to just the once, A DVD+R can store up to 4.7GB of Data, Dual Layer DVD+R blank discs will allow users to record double that amount at 8.5GB however the recording device must be dual layer compatible. Most of today's DVD players are dual layer compatible, Blu-Ray players are generally dual layer compatible however not all so it's worth checking your player manual, DVD+R are generally 16x max recording speeds, which refers to the speed the disc can be written to / burned.

The benefit of DVD+R is that it can be finalised or burned in multiple sessions. This means that if there is some space remaining at the end of one burning session, the disk can be filled up later in another session. This option is not available with the DVD-R. DVD+R holds the same amount of data as a DVD-R = 4.7GB, DVD+R also writes at a max speed of 16x
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